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How to Install Cabinet with Laser level | Guide lines | Steps |

When we talk about the house interior as a whole, the cabinet is one of those things which hit our mind at a very first place. As the cabinet is the first aspect of the house which makes the house looks and feels completed. The cabinet is although the prime focus in the interior of the kitchens where it is used to store the various kitchen's stuff, such as the grocery utensils etc. Cabinet can also be designed for the other than kitchen purposes of the households.

Having discussed the importance of the cabinet in the house the next thing which comes across next is the right designing of the cabinet either in the kitchen or any other place of house. Since the bad designing of the cabinet which often occurs due to the wrong leveling measure can cause some grave suffering for any house owner.

The Laser Level is the very first and the right choice which we feel every household should choose when designing or leveling the cabinet. The laser level does the leveling job for cabinets with an utmost perfection, leaving no scope of any mistakes or sufferings for you behind. So, here we are going to discuss that how you can install the cabinets using the laser levels.

Here is the list of tools that you need to have with you before we start making explanation of installing the cabinets.

  • A decent quality laser level along with the tripod
  • A pencil
  • A tape measure
  • Bubble leveling
  • Laser level measuring tool

Further you are supposed to have the readily available cabinets with you along with some other materials, such as the wood shims, required screws and the ledger board for the proper fitting.

  • The very first step is to measure the height of the cabinets that you want to install. Must be using Tripod Laser level for benefits and proper installation.
  • Once the height of the cabinet is measured you need to mount the laser level on tripod.
  • Keep the tripod away from the wall here the tripod should be taller enough to face the wall with a proper alignment.
  • Now you just need to set the desired height of the cabinets in the laser level the same height as we measure before for the cabinet.It can be fixed using Wall mount laser level also.
  • Turn the laser level on and once it is turned on the laser level will project the beam on the wall.
  • The beam will create the chalk lining on the wall to make the design appear clear.
  • The next crucial step is to mount the ledger board on the wall.
  • The ledger board will also support the weight of the cabinets with the studs during the installation process.
  • Now it's time to install the cabinets you can remove the door from the cabinets to make them lighter and easy to install.
  • You can install the cabinets one by one using the screws to attach the cabinets to the wall and with the other cabinet.
  • Here you can use the bubble level to check that whether the cabinets are in the alignment of each others.
  • While installing the cabinets keep in mind that the upper part of the cabinets should be in the alignment of the lines that are drawn by the laser level.
  • If there exists the gap between the cabinets you can use filler board to fill that gap.
  • Now once the frame of the cabinet is installed properly you can attach the door and the other hardware of the cabinet to complete the cabinet installation.

we are always there for our valuable audience with some or other useful informations. In this artice we have described about installation of cabinet with using laser level, it also helps somehow in which way you can use laser levels. If you have any query or want some articles that we should add in our website, then your Priceless suggestions are most welcome.

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Laser levels we know are the most advanced and the highly used modern tools, which are particularly used in the engineering or the construction work across the world. Laser levels are used both in the interior and the outdoor leveling job. In the interior context you can use the laser level to align the walls or floors, installing the ceilings or checking the height of window. In the outdoor context the laser level can be used in conducting the land surveys before the construction, taking the layout of land or sites and such other outdoor engineering tasks.

If you are someone who has to execute the leveling job then the laser level could be the best tool in your work to make your job easy and more accurate. You can pick your desired laser level from the market by keeping your leveling requirements in the mind. Best Construction Laser level does its leveling job by providing the leveling accuracy to the maximum extent possible leaving no chance of any mistake behind. Laser level has literally made the job of leveling more easy and accurate, and this is the reason that why the laser levels have replaced the humans for the leveling job.

Once you pick the right laser level the next question which comes as a beginner that how to use the laser level. Well this is what we are going to discuss in this article as we understand it needs some guidance for the beginner to use the laser level in the appropriate way. In the present scenario the laser level comes in the various designs or the shapes and they all are designed for their respective purposes, hence you need to pick the right kind of laser level which can serve your purpose well. No matter which laser level you pick it is going to have few things in common like any other laser level.

The laser level has the base which is common with all the laser level this base is put on the floor. The main role for the base of the laser level is to project the laser or the light beam at the desired height.

You will get the leveling mechanism with the laser level, which could be either bubble vial or the electronic sensor magnet plus. The choice of laser level mechanism depends upon you. Further the case of the laser level is made with plastic, and it is durable enough to last even at the hectic working conditions. You may choose the two type of laser level one is the manual laser level, which does the leveling job manually by the human instructions, and is best suited for the specific operation, where the manual work is kept on the demand. Manual laser levels are generally more expensive than the self leveling laser, which does the leveling job on its own.


  • The Compact laser level comes with the tinted glasses, which is used to see the laser beam when the laser level is used in the outdoor leveling.
  • Put the laser level on the tripod and then turn it on for the leveling job.
  • Now you just need to direct the laser level towards the direction from where you want to take the reading.
  • Once you find the reading you need to lock the laser level in such position.
  • Now just take the laser receiver at the place where you want it to take the reading.
  • You need to find the laser beam using the laser receiver slowly-slowly.
  • Once you find the laser beam you need to lock the laser receiver in that position.
  • Now at last use both the level and the laser receiver to pick the alignment level.

Now you have any query regarding Installtion of cabinet with laser level? Check out our Other blogs for more comfortable learning about operations of Laser level. If any question comes related to best laser level among RED vs GREEN laser level, Visit here. Thanks 

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Green Vs Red laser level | Reviews | 2018

Laser level is used at various places for the leveling purposes at the construction sites. The Job of laser level is not that easy, but they are equipped with the features that can make the leveling job quite easy and accurate.It's up to the users to pick up the right kind of laser level that comes with the right sort of features, which can serve the desired purpose well. Hence you should go to pick up the particular laser level from the market, once you are fully clear about all the features of the concerned laser level.

Today in this article we are going to address one such integral feature or the part of the laser level, which affects the working capabilities of the laser level to the maximum extent. Yes we are talking about the laser level beam as the beam is an integral part of a laser level working.

We know that there are two major beams that is the red and the green laser beam with which the laser level come. The red and the green laser beams are suited and designed for their respective usages in the leveling job. There is no doubt that the green is the most used laser beam when working in the interior construction.Green servers the purpose well when the interior and the exterior construction work is being mixed. The green laser beam is not suitable in the day light working at the outside construction places, as it doesn't have that strong visibility in the outside leveling job.

If you are someone who has to work outside with the laser level then red is the better option for you over the green laser beam. The reason behind why the green beam laser level is more efficient, due to its more power consumption.The green laser level consumes more power in the comparison of the red laser beam, and this is why that the green laser level takes the lesser operational time in the leveling job.

Cost Factor Between Red & Green Laser level

If you are someone who has to work outside with the laser level then red is the better option for you over the green laser beam. The reason behind why the green beam laser level is more efficient, due to its more power consumption.The green laser level consumes more power in the comparison of the red laser beam, and this is why that the green laser level takes the lesser operational time in the leveling job.    

We have above made it very clear that the green laser beam is mostly used by the majority of the users, who do the interior leveling job. Green laser level produce the best precision leveling job to the maximum accuracy, hence it is quite obvious that they are meant to be more expensive than the red laser beams. In general the green laser levels are expensive by the proportion of 25% to 30% than the cost of the red laser beams level, Hence you have to pay approx 30% more for the green laser level in the comparison of the red laser level.

This higher cost for the green laser level comes in the accounts of various components of the green laser level such as the more diodes, KTP crystals and others which make the leveling job more precise.

Reviews: Red & Green Laser level

Well if we talk about the users reviews in the context of both these laser levels then they both carry the positive reviews for their respective department of work. Obviously the green laser level is preferred at the most by the users, who have to execute the interior leveling job and the green laser level does its job quite perfectly there, hence it holds the best reviews from the users for the interior leveling job.

Coming to the red laser level it is cheaper than the green laser level and does its job decently for the outdoor leveling job. Red laser level is the best option for the outdoor leveling job in any kind of situation, as the red laser beam has very long distance visibility.​

So, at the end of discussion both the red and the green laser level work best at their respective usages, and have the best reviews.You just need to pick the one in the accordance to your requirements.​ If you have any doubt regarding selection of best laser level, we'll be helping you.

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