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We have taken out to review the top 10 laser levels in 2018 product lines as an assistant to get you an idea to add value to your investment. After deep Analysis and comparison of the entire text spectrum of models, and brands we have shared our reviews to make your money worth investing on your desirable products. Investing your money on worthless products is quite bad deal, and isn’t less than a cheat made to you Quite often it happens products features from their sellers do depict a unique picture of them where the reality lies behind.You can have brief idea of Construction Laser level & more like 5 line Laser level .Its puzzling whom to rely on, so to avoid such disappointments we have brought to you the reviews which may be bad or quality but the would also be the exact stated reasons why to go for a particular product. Many of you might be a fresher to laser levels and hence to make clarity you must know what you are buying actually than what you have heard.

How to buy a laser level:

Below we are providing you with the list of Top Laser levels that will get you through the best ones

Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane Leveling-Alignment Laser

The first Laser level which is hitting the first spot in our list is Bosch. It is a vintage legendary brand in the laser level tools manufacturing world, and its legacy requires no introduction to any user. Coming to the laser level Bosch GLL3-80 is a self leveling laser which creates lines into the land measure of 360 degree, which means this laser level provides the supper accuracy of the work into the all dimension of the area.

Other than this it can make levels, can do the aligning job for the corners or the level plumbing and the square application. This laser level is capable enough of generating the three 360 degree plans which are two vertical and one horizontal to keep the accuracy at a high level for the level, plumbing and the square application jobs. This laser level can complete the entire room just in a one setup by using the 90 degree layout lines from it. This laser level can cover the distance of up to 365 feet diameters both in the indoor or the outdoor landscape.

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  • You can mount this laser level at a place and can generate two vertical and one horizontal 360 degree lasers which can complete a room just in a one setup
  • This laser level can be used for the simultaneous tasks of making an alignment or leveling and squaring the angles as well.
  • The laser level comes with the pendulum base which helps the laser to make a self balance and may also detect the imbalanced situation
  • The receiver of this laser level can detect the laser from the 65 to the 265 feet diameter distance which is best in the class.
  • The receiver of this laser level is powerful enough to detect the laser levels even in the bright day light in both indoor or the outdoor conditions
  • Further the accuracy level of this laser level is +/-1/4 at the 100 feet diameter distance
  • Bosch provides 1 year warranty with this laser level

This is the premium and the performing Point laser level which might cost a little high side but its services justify the price very well.

DEWALT DW088K Self Leveling Cross Line Laser

The top notch line laser in the list is from the DEWALT brand. This is one of the most famous line lasers which are used at the construction level across the globe. This laser level is a cross line laser which is equipped with the very powerful surveying lines which can extend to both the vertical and the horizontal landscape layout.

The housing section of this line laser is IP54 water resistant class which saves the laser line from the dust, debris and you can take this line laser anywhere for any kind of working without any fear.This line laser is so robust that you can work with it in the very dreadful rainy days with an optimum performance.

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  • This DEWALT line laser can project the laser both in the vertical or in the horizontal shape
  • The brightness of the laser lines is so powerful that you can work outdoor even in a full sunlight
  • You also get the pulse mode with it which can be used with the detector
  • This Outdoor line laser provides the full protection from debris or the dust particles and has a very long durable life
  • The weight of this line laser is 3.6 pounds
  • You will get full 3 years warranty with it and also a money back offer within the first 90 days if you face any issue with it.

DEWALT DW089K Self Leveling 3 beam Line Laser

The second line laser in our list is also coming from the DEWALT brand itself. This is a complete package in itself which can assist the users in the varieties of the tasks, such as in the overall designing of the rooms or cabinets, designing the floors, fixing the door or Windows or even the tiles and many such other things you can do with it. What makes this line laser different from the other or the previous line laser in the list from the DEWALT is its 90 degree plumb or the intersecting line which can be used for the floor alignment. As the name suggests this line laser is equipped with the third vertical beams, which help in the layout applications in the construction without needing a second laser backup.

  • features of dewalt dw089k
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  • It comes with 3 beam line laser which forms the 90 degree layout and helps in the floor or the ceiling alignment and the designing.
  • If you have to work in the bright light conditions such as during the sun light or at the night you will get the very powerful diode which will offer you a decent visibility even in the high lighting conditions.
  • The range of DW089 laser level extend upto 50 feet range
  • There is 4AA batteries in this line laser which provides an output backup of 30 hours
  • The size of the line laser is 1-3/4 inches which is having enough clearance that you will not need another bar to raise the level of the line laser.

JOHNSON LEVEL 40-0921 Self Leveling Kit

Johnson level is a leading brand name in the tool manufacturing sector and you can rely on this brand for any kind of tool generation reacted to any sector. Well talking about this line laser this line laser is a cross line laser which is suited for the professional tasking which requires both horizontal and the vertical levelling. You can opt for this cross line laser if you are designing the room,framing the walls, installing the rail for chairs and much more tasks. This is a versatile line laser which is used by the carpenters, construction contractors, and other such professionals which are indulged in the designing profession or occupation. You can take this line laser outside and use even at the bright sun day light or it can also be used at a low night light.

  • features of jhonson 40-0921
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  • Go through all of these features so that you can make a complete analysis of it.
  • You will get self leveling or balancing laser with it which will assist you with an easy layout for the job site.
  • This line laser includes a very durable hard shell case which is meant for the easy carrying or the transportation.
  • Powerful lasers of this line laser projects the both both vertical and the horizontal lasers at the same time up to the range of 100 feet which is quite decent in this range.
  • The size of the tripod varies 5/8 inches which makes sure that you don't have to put some additional accessories to raise the bar of this line laser.
  • You will get a complete 3 years warranty from the manufacturer of this product.

BOSCH GOL26 CK Optical Level Kit with Tripod & Rod  

This is another line laser in this list is coming from the Bosch brand. Bosch is a very genuine and the legacy holding brand in the tool manufacturing industry. The tools from the Bosch are exported all over the globe. Coming to this line laser it is automatic line laser with the optical level features and self leveling compensator. You will get the horizontal and the vertical stadia line with it for the best mapping performance in the context of alignment and estimating the distance. Below we are providing you with all the major features of this line laser that should be analyzed by you before you go for it.

  • features of bosch gol26 ck
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  • This line laser comes with a compensator which is based on the self leveling and also with a lock which protects the pendulum from all kind of damages which may occur during the transportation.
  • The house section of this line laser is built of all metal which provides a very durable life to this line laser and further the IP54 protects it from the severe weather conditions.
  • This line laser is quite easy to be setup with the bubble vial and the 90 degree prism.
  • You will get a laser level kit consisting of tripod, lens, hard case, adjustment tools and other such tools
  • This is very powerful line laser since it is equipped with the 26x magnification level which offers the level range up to 330 feet of the distance.

PLS 180 Red Cross Line Laser Level kit with Detector PLS-60522

This is one another decent laser level in the list. This is highly advanced laser level which comes with the laser detector features which helps in sensing the laser in the outside working with a full sun light. This is a kind of very advanced features as generally the users have to detect the beam on their own. The distance up to which the beam and the laser can extend to is 200 feet. The SLD detector makes a solid beeping tone when it detects the laser line within it which assures a very high level of accuracy with this laser level.

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  • This Professional laser level holds the longest line for the fan angles and the line as well
  • It has the self leveling range up to 6 degree
  • Easy to operate with the 3AA batteries which gives a backup of 30 hours.
  • This laser level comes with the carrying case and the PLS pouch.
  • It also includes a special SLD detector.

Bosch GCL 25 Select Leveling Alignment Laser With Cross Line

It won't be wrong to say if I say that the Bosch and the Dewalt are the two leading brands in the Laser level industry. So far we have covered the majority of the laser level from both of these brands and now there is another outside laser level from the Bosch. This is other typical self leveling laser level from the Bosch and being the self levelling laser level it has very low scope of being inaccurate at the leveling Aspect. This is the best laser level for those who are seeking for the convenient laser level for their daily routine needs. Compare Green Vs Red Laser Level for availing new option for more surety. You can use it at any job site and the workshop as per your requirements as it is very easy to operate just with a single button. It offers the leveling of vertical, horizontal, square, plumb and at the layout levels. This is a multipurpose serving laser level and below we are providing you with some of the best features of this Laser level.

  • features Of Bosch gcl 25
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  • This laser level holds the longest line for the fan angles and the line as well
  • This laser level provides a very good visibility with its laser points for the horizontal, vertical, squaring, layout and the plum leveling.
  • The self leveling with this laser leveling is very convenient as it has the smart pendulum system.
  • It is a very Home laser level with its self leveling lasers which requires no extra need for the other tools
  • This laser level is operated on the 4AA batteries
  • The weight of this laser level is also very light which is around only 2.25 pounds

Importance of Choosing the Best Laser Level

A laser level is one of the most used tools in the construction, engineering and other such designing fields and if you are someone from these fields then you are most probably going to need a laser level in your profession or occupation as the case may be. A laser level basically helps the design enthusiasts who are in the fields of designing such as the architect who design the houses and the room and also the engineer who design the infrastructure of any nation. The laser level helps these individuals in the most accurate alignment for the project they are working on or are designing. The laser level tools basically assist them in getting the best degree of accuracy for the alignment which is not possible with the human naked eyes. This is probably the reason that why today we see that these laser level are being used at such a massive scale worldwide in leveling the alignment level for the different projects. Today the market is field with all these laser level as there are many brands which are manufacturing these Magnetic laser level devices.

Although all the laser level serves only one basis purpose of leveling yet their cost vary from one brand to the other and also they are equipped with some exceptional feature from each others. This is why sometimes it becomes very hard for any user to pick a best laser level which can serve their purpose and provide the best value for their money. Since there are many laser level which serve the basic purpose of leveling yet they are having a very high price tag just because of their unnecessary features. So today in this article we will basically guide you that what are the factors that should be kept in mind while choosing the best laser level comparison for yourself.

Next time when you go to pick the best laser level keep all these factors in your mind and then decide the best laser level and we believe that you will come with the best value of your money.

  • Good Accuracy:This is the first and the foremost point that should be kept in mind while going for the laser level. We know that the basis propose for which the laser level is bought is the accuracy of the leveling that the laser level provides.If we talk about the ideal accuracy that a laser level should give is -+1.5Xm at 30M distance further the quality of the good laser should at least be of -+3XM. This accuracy level is what actually decides that how good the leveling results the laser level will render. There is a simple theory to check the accuracy level of the leveling by the line laser. If the laser level accuracy rating stands more than the 3XM or even lesser than the 3XM then the leveling task by the line laser will be affected and won't be as accurate as it should be.
  • Visible and bright beam:The beam is just like the eyes of the laser level and if the beam is not powerful enough then the leveling of the laser level will always he inaccurate. Hence if there is no good beam with the laser level then there is no point of good with that laser level as it will not provide the highest level of leveling accuracy. The laser level comes with several colors of the beams for example when you are working outdoor then the laser level will be able to provide the green color beam as it is always very much visible than any other color during the outdoor tasking. The beam of the laser level must be Bright enough that it should reach the large distance and can also be seen easily by the users in order to have best levelling results
  • Battery life:All the digital equipment work on the basis of proper power supply means current supply and once the power supply is gone the equipments also shut down in between of the work. Hence it is always suggested to you that choose that laser level which offers a very decent battery backup since you don't want to encounter a situation when the laser level goes down while you are still working with it.There are the numbers of the laser levels which are designed for the long battery backup so that you may always stay connected to the leveling task Up to the number of full timing day hours.
  • Maximum Range:The range in the laser level context is related to the beams of the laser level that it produces and also the area that a laser level can cover up. The laser level is supposed to cover a very large area of distance to be covered up so that it may level the long distance area in a time.The ideal distance which should be covered by the laser level is considered to be 250 feet. Anything above this distance is not considered a good laser level, and any laser level which can cover more than this distance is considered to be an ideal Portable laser level.
  • Quick Levelling:This is one of the most important part of determining the performance of any laser level. The laser level basically offers two kinds of the leveling one is the manual levelling and the other is the automatic leveling. Some of the laser level comes with the manual leveling while others come with the automatic leveling and then there are some others which come with both kinds of leveling. You should choose the one that offers you the more options of the leveling along with a fast leveling as it will speed up the leveling task.
  • High Durable:This part is related to the quality of the parts for the laser level. When you are going to buy any laser level it is very much important to consider the laser level parts and the build quality. The build quality is what determines the overall life of the laser level and we all want our machines to be lasting as longer as could be possible. There are some laser level which are made with the good external part quality but their internal parts are not that good and that is why they tend to lose their life soon. In such situation it becomes very important to inspect the laser level well thoroughly and then go for it.
  • Easy to Install & Use:This section is related to the operating part of the laser level. There is a saying that more simple it becomes the better it gets. Hence keep this saying in your mind when you are going to buy the laser level and choose that laser level which comes with the easy configuration mode and takes very less time to be getting back to the working mode. There are many laser level which comes at a very high price tag and then they are very hectic to be configured up for the working mode. You should ask yourself what is the point of spending those extra bucks if you can't start it simply. We would suggest you to go for the Outdoor & Indoor laser level that offers a very easy installation and the using guide as time is everything in such professions.
  • Many Mounting thread:A mount is basically the object over which the laser level is to be Kept for the working purpose. You know that in such kind of leveling work we all have to work sometimes at such places where it gets really tough to find a suitable object where the laser level can be put. Hence the laser level should be equipped with many mounting threads which will enable the users to be working in any kind of situations since the mount is what decides the position of the laser level. You can’t use laser level unless it put in the property position which suits the targeted leveling area.
  • Safety:When we listen to the name machine we tend to think that whether it is going to be safe while working with it. The laser level is also a kind of machine as it reduces the human efforts and a machine should always be safe to use. Hence when you are considering to buy a laser level the point of safety should always be there first in your mind, since you don't want to work with the risky machines which may harm you or anyone else around you. The beams of the laser level should be safe enough to not to harm the skin or the clothes of the users and anyone else around. Keep this Laser level Guide  in mind always while going for any laser level.
  • Affordability:Cost if one of the primary factor that comes in our mind when we are making up our mind to buy anything.Similarly in the case of the laser level cost is the import factor that needs to be considered while choosing laser level. There are many brands in today's scenario which are manufacturing the laser level, and the cost of these laser levels do vary as per their brand and the features. Keep in mind that you want your basic purpose of leveling to be served by this and there are many laser level which comes with plenty of the unnecessary feature which makes the laser level only pricey. Hence you should always go for the laser level which is optimum at the cost that you are seeking for along with the required features and nothing other than that.

Below we are providing you with the list of some common mistakes that most of the first time laser level buyers make.. If you were looking for easy Installation of cabinet by using Laser level, check Blog You are advised to go through these points carefully so that you don't commit any of these mistakes while buying your first laser level

  • Buying the Wrong tool:There are the people from us who are buying the laser level for the first time they keep a certain product in their mind after the due researchers. When they go to the store to buy the product they just pick up some other laser level, which is totally different than their actual planned laser level, which is not capable enough of serving the basic purpose of leveling, that the users had in their minds. Hence it is always advisable to pick the Best construction laser level after the due analysis
  • Unnecessary Leveling Pattern:The laser level comes with the varieties of the leveling such as the vertical leveling and the horizontal leveling. The best Line laser come separately for the leveling pattern for example one laser level may get only one feature of vertical leveling white the other with both kind of leveling. You are supposed to choose only that laser level which has the pattern of leveling that is required by you as the both kind of leveling pattern will make the laser level pricey.
  • Too Many Features:More the feature a product has the more pricey it will get. There are many features in the laser level which are totally irrelevant for most of the buyers and going after those features will only raise the cost factor high for the laser level. Hence choose only those feature which are of your use as choosing the unnecessary features will only make you feel regret.
  • Wrong Beam colour:The colors of the beam are meant for the indoor and the outdoor working purposes. Some people pick the green color of been thinking that the green color will serve both the indoor and outdoor working purpose. As a matter of fact you should pick the two different beam colors for the indoor and the outdoor working purpose.
  • Wrong Level:The laser level comes with two kinds of leveling that is the manual leveling, and the automatic leveling. The manual Leveling cost a little less costly while the automatic leveling cost a little higher.There are some people who tend to think that the manual leveling in enough for their work which is not right. We would advise you to pick the laser level with both kinds of the leveling which can suit your level of task any time.
  • Paying Too much:The final suggestion for you in this list is to make a harmony among the features performance and the cost factor of the laser level. As ultimately any buyer has to be ended with this conclusion make a proper research, and later the balance between the price and the performance of the laser level. You should be picking up the Cheap laser level which pays you the value for your money and also don't compromise on any of the essential features just to save few bucks.
  • Conclusion: